IMR Image-Management GmbH
Neue Weilheimer Straße 14
73230 Kirchheim u. Teck

Tel.: 07021 485078
Fax.: 07021 83411

Digital accounts payable management and document management with experience and innovation

IMR Image-Management GmbH is a professional full-service provider for accounts payable management, document management and scanning services. Specialising in accounts payable processes, we tailor our solutions to organisational requirements in companies to fit in with their operational procedures in sales, bookkeeping and accounts in the best possible way. IMR operates with maximum data security and process efficiency to facilitate the rapid and reliable flow of information in the company. And its services are excellent value for money. 

Process optimisation made easy

IMR regards itself as a dedicated business partner and independent service provider for the digital processing of documents and invoices. Our solutions simplify and speed up the processes, reduce the costs and improve the quality. Even if our services consist mostly of different standardised processes, nevertheless each individual service package is geared precisely to the requirements in any given case. We therefore make the processes more efficient for our customers and exploit all the potential for economisation and rationalisation.

Digital document processing to new quality standards

Cost savings and synergies are one aspect of our services. The other aspect is an attitude of responsibility when handling documents and data. Our years of experience and our coordination of automatic and manual processes guarantee scan quality and data security of the highest standard.

Building in efficiency for the long term

IMR focuses all its services on sustainable solutions. On the one hand, we lay the necessary foundations and put technical structures in place which are open-ended and adaptable. On the other hand, we attach importance to professional expertise and the fact that our staff are up to date with the latest developments. In this way we can offer the same reliability and quality even when conditions change.

Benefits of the IMR service:

  • You get a made-to-measure solution individually tailored to the technical and organisational requirements in your company.
  • You know your target cost savings before we start.
  • You can rely on the latest technology and know-how and on a flexible system that can grow and develop with your business.
  • You can use the services of IMR quickly without long lead times.
  • You need not invest in any additional hardware or software.
  • You avoid the burden of licence costs or minimum terms.
  • You enjoy a service which is optimised to your practical requirements with training and backup on favourable terms and conditions.
  • You can count on top data quality and data security and the option of trouble-free data outsourcing together with migration.