Digital document capture and processing with IMR - benefit from an infinite number of possibilities

IMR offers the full range of automated document capture and processing services. The main focus is on the digital capture and provision of data as required as well as the flexibility to adapt and incorporate the data in existing business processes. The service is not only for German documents. We also process bills, receipts and documents from all the West European countries in the respective national languages. For our customers there is no need to invest in additional hardware or data capture software.
Automated scanning, checking and approval processes

The modular system of services offered by IMR makes invoice and document management noticeably easier and more efficient. Automatic data capture and checking, presentation of results, reporting and archiving offer radical cost benefits and time savings, even with small amounts of paperwork. And all the more so with large numbers of documents. The manual processing of documents, such as incoming invoices, is time-consuming and expensive. What is more, recording, booking, checking, releasing and filing are all steps which are prone to human error if they are carried out manually. IMR offers its services for the acquisition, processing and archiving of documents and invoices which are perfectly coordinated and can be integrated in any business organisation.
Customer benefits:

  • Major time and cost savings thanks to full electronic processing of documents
  • Full transparency at all times for every party involved in the process
  • Much less susceptibility to errors in comparison with manual systems
  • Integration in existing company systems, such as ERP or archives
  • Paperless communication with authorised departments/suppliers with regard to each document
  • Reduced processing time thanks to faster circulation
  • Documentation of potential weak points
  • Transparency throughout entire sequence provided by process history