Accounts payable management

High costs are incurred and personnel tied up by the manual processing of supplier invoices. Accounts payable management services provided by IMR can result in end-to-end and efficient automation of these processes. Incorporated in the existing processes as required by the individual company - from inbox to entry in ERP systems and the eventual filing.
Classic accounts receivable and accounts payable management is becoming more and more complex and challenging - the corresponding costs are increasing and the error rate is inevitably rising. An electronic workflow from purchase order, receipt of goods and invoice processing all the way through to electronic banking and digital archiving reduces the susceptibility to error, accelerates the processes and makes them more transparent.
Benefits of the IMR service

You benefit from the extensive expertise of our specialists, from the initial consultation through to the implementation and introduction of the system without investing in any software, server and database installations and without hiring any specially trained personnel in your company. Your administration costs are reduced on a permanent basis, your accounts payable management is sustainable for the future, and your administration system is more cost-effective. You also create optimum transparency for the purchasing department and financial controlling due to the exact breakdown of purchases, suppliers, quantities and prices. An additional aspect is that all the possible reductions and discounts can be claimed and exploited to optimum effect. Therefore an efficient accounts payable management system is also an important component for your own liquidity planning.
Digital accounts payable management the IMR way

Incoming invoices are digitised and itemised. The checking and approval process is done online. The posting and billing data then arrive in the financial accounts department via existing interfaces or are transferred to the banking software, and the relevant data are archived.
Services included in IMR accounts payable management

  • Automatic imaging of incoming invoices of all formats
  • Referencing of accounts to purchase orders and plausibility checking
  • Itemisation of every invoice
  • Assignment to accounts as specified on first invoice from any supplier
  • Documentation of all the processing steps for each invoice
  • Application of double-checking principle throughout the approval process
  • Facility for invoices for partial deliveries and invoices by instalment
  • Handling of all payments
  • Fast, encrypted web portal with multi-client capability and security server
  • Legally compliant archiving of transactions

Free real-time test

We will gladly show you round our computer centre in Kirchheim and demonstrate the data input process for you, using example documents and target index values, and show you the potential end results with no obligation. We will then be pleased to give you an individual quotation.