Building records

Building documents have one main thing in common: they are generally very awkward to handle and yet have to be inspected over and over again, often by several people at the same time. This is a particular problem with older documents because they often need to be accessed immediately, sometimes for legal reasons, and in some cases beyond the life cycle of buildings or installations. The IMR scan service is an easy and secure means of digitisation, access and reproduction. High-quality colour scanning technology is available up to DIN A0 size, and the service includes indexing and PDF/A backups. A different format may also be selected for the backups.

The storage of files and the management of building document archives are highly complex these days - especially the permanent storage of old files. Varying formats up to DIN A0 size further complicate the whole process, making it difficult to guarantee rapid access and efficient archive management. Another factor is that putting documents back in the right place is just as unpopular as looking for them in the first place. The condition of the documents suffers, and original documents which have been taken out of the filing system are temporarily unavailable for others. With the use of document management systems, more recent building documents are stored in electronic form, but the mixed media archives which are generated in this way need a great deal of organisation and management.

Another advantage is that the handling processes are simpler. Digitised building documents can practically be accessed at any time all over the world.  The information can be saved on a file server, for example, and accessed with the relevant user rights. Data can be accessed on mobile equipment, such as notebooks, tablet PCs or smartphones. The high quality of the digitised documents even allows large-sized plans to be printed out again at any time in the original format.
One combined system for old and new construction records

IMR systematically digitises archives of old documents and files them alongside the new building documents. Documents up to DIN A0 size can be archived in this way. The two systems are combined and share the same indexing system. It is even possible to have the filing system completely reorganised. Our services begin where your building documents are stored, which might be on a shelving system. We pick up your documents, digitise and index them to your specifications and provide them (images and index) in the required format at the correct interfaces for further processing in the document management system.

The IMR service also boasts many additional features over and above the standard practices. We guarantee, for example, that the documents will be kept in the original order regardless of the paper formats. Compilations are available in one share file afterwards. The data volume in the established PDF/A format is particularly low, with PDF/A compression corresponding to the size of a TIFF file. Other formats are also possible, e.g. TIFF G4, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A or LDF. Our colour scanning technology enables the documents to be faithfully reproduced in detail and provides an ideal master for OCR processes. Manual corrections are made if necessary. The high-quality OCR technology delivers searchable PDF files. The full text can also be stored on request in the case of typeset documents. You can also have the documents individually indexed, if required, which is useful later for automated searches, e.g. with file type, document type, scan date or with other individual criteria. The more indexes you have, the further you can extend the searches at a later date.

Free real-time test

We will gladly show you round our computer centre in Kirchheim and demonstrate the data input process for you, using example documents and target index values, and show you the potential end results with no obligation. We will then be pleased to give you an individual quotation.