Contract documents

Contracts are important documents for any company and yet, as soon as they have been signed, they are very rarely needed. But when they are needed, they are usually needed quickly and often by several people at different locations. And, as all companies know, the more customers you have, the greater the volume of contractual documents. IMR offers a reliable digitisation and archiving service to store all your paperwork, to increase transparency in your business processes, and to file all your contract documents in a way which complies with the legal and auditing requirements.

Insurance policies, personnel files, project documents, building records, structural calculations, warranty documents for products, patents/licences, purchase agreements, brokerage agreements, medical records, customer contracts, etc. - the list of contractual documents which pile up in a company is endless. With IMR you can store them in an electronic archive and allow direct access to all authorised users.
Legally compliant storage conforming to audit requirements

Contractual documents are of great value, not only to your company but also to the lawmakers. They prescribe strict criteria for the safe keeping of contractual documents. Storage times and means of access are set out in various regulations, such as the Sabanes-Oxley Act, EuroSOX, compliance legislation and product liability law. As a result, the archives grow and it takes longer and longer to find individual documents. It is not only looking for documents which is an unwelcome task but it is also difficult to find the time to put them back in the right place. Consequently, original documents may be temporarily unavailable for others. Thankfully, since the arrival of document management systems, more recent documents are stored in electronic form, but the mixed media archives which are generated in this way need a great deal of organisation and management.
Modular service principle: from scan index to multiple indexing

The IMR file digitisation service will provide you with all the options. Our services begin where your contractual documents are actually stored. This may be on your shelf. We pick up your documents, digitise and index each individual document to your specifications and provide them in the required format at the correct interfaces for further processing in the document management system. Old and new files will be combined and brought together in a standardised form. They will therefore be accessible to authorised users at any time. The IMR service also boasts many features over and above standard practices. Compilations are available in one share file afterwards, e.g. in the widely used PDF/A format. Other file formats are also possible, such as TIFF G4, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A including full text. Our colour scanning technology enables the documents to be faithfully reproduced in detail in DIN A0 format and provides an ideal master for OCR processes. The full text can thus be stored in the case of typeset documents. You can also have the documents individually indexed, if required, which is useful later for automated searches, e.g. with file type, document type, scan date or to other individual specifications. The more indexes you have, the further you can extend the searches at a later date. Finally you choose your storage criteria. The documents can be destroyed in a certified shredding process or put back on the shelf, or else you can choose one of our alternative storage options.
Free real-time test

We will gladly show you round our computer centre in Kirchheim and demonstrate the data input process for you, using example documents and target index values, and show you the potential end results with no obligation. We will then be pleased to give you an individual quotation.