Digital mail processing

The mail room is the central point of receipt for documents from any variety of sources. A mail room can only function efficiently if all the incoming documents are automatically processed, analysed, classified and distributed to the relevant recipients, including to recipients who work on different sites. IMR has the exact tools in its modular system of services to digitise all incoming documents in a fast and reliable way so as to provide a central pool of data which is accessible to all the relevant departments in the company. As a result, staff are relieved of routine jobs, the mail processing work is automated and accelerated, and the costs for each process are significantly reduced.
Letters, invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, queries, forms, etc.  - go digital and reduce your administration workload and costs.

Incoming post needs to be processed promptly. Small and medium-sized enterprises are primarily and frequently faced with the question as to whether it is more efficient to sort and distribute mail by hand or machine. One thing is clear: processing mail is a complex and time-consuming task because of the need for immediate delivery of many documents to several departments. The majority of existing digitisation solutions are suitable for standard cases but not for special cases - which make up the bulk of the correspondence. In most cases it doesn't pay to develop an in-house solution with custom software. IMR is the ideal business partner for digital mail processing tailored to your requirements and based on the most efficient available standards.
Mail processing with time savings

The IMR solution is customised for your incoming mail room, complete with scanner and link to the communications server on site. The advantage for you is that you have no investment costs for hardware or software under the service agreement. Depending on the agreement in any given case, all the incoming mail - or specific documents only - are scanned and digitised. You can arrange for your staff to do these manual processes themselves or, alternatively, we can set up a mail redirection and do the job for you. The IMR system scans the content with OCR software, classifies and indexes the document and forwards it, like any mail distribution service, with comments as dictated by your policies and procedures, to all the relevant people and departments - a document can have any number of recipients. The documents are sent via defined interfaces or by email to specified recipients. We provide the documents in the file format requested by the workstation in any given case, e.g. TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A with or without full text, or other formats.
We follow up any special cases which cannot be automatically processed with absolute certainty. As time goes on, an ever higher degree of automation is achieved in an ongoing internal process of self-teaching and coordination via our reporting service for all cases which cannot be routinely classified. The route taken by every document can be traced internally thanks to the systematic approach and high degree of transparency from initial correspondence all the way through to the workstation where the document is processed - nothing is left lying around or goes missing.
The alternative: simply outsource the digitisation process

In all cases where it is not worth having an in-house system, we offer the use of IMR's own high-tech systems. The mail then goes to the IMR data processing centre every day where it is promptly digitised and made available with equal speed and efficiency.
Free real-time test

We will gladly show you round our computer centre in Kirchheim and demonstrate the data input process for you, using example documents and target index values, and show you the potential end results with no obligation. We will then be pleased to give you an individual quotation.