Drawings and plans

Design engineers, architects, construction planners and mechanical engineers know the real value of drawings which are stored in cupboards, usually for long periods, and are therefore quickly forgotten. As a result, many assets cannot be accessed quickly - especially those dating back to pre-IT times. Or they fade beyond recognition. Many of these plans are not used, often just because it is too much trouble to make them accessible. IMR digitises drawings and plans the rapid and reliable way - up to DIN A0 size - and integrates them in an archive system, which might even be your existing system.

It pays to digitise old planning documents. Once they are in a digital archive, they can be accessed in a matter of seconds whereas it can often take several hours to find them in a conventional document storage system. Further savings are possible when, for example, copies need to be made and sent out. What is more, the digital system provided by IMR also has the edge when it comes to protection and security. The documents can easily be duplicated and can then also be kept safe from water damage, fire damage and other hazards.
Archive efficiency made easy

Often the documents are not catalogued, and the title blocks are the only reference to the source of the drawings. IMR specialises in the digitisation of highly complex originals. We process uncatalogued, large-sized documents on transparencies or on any colour of paper, in black & white or in colour, and integrate the data in existing archives or workflow systems. Possible raster data formats include TIFF G3/G4, uncompressed striped, CAL, EPS, GIF, IF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PCX, PDF, PNG, PPM, IGA, PLC, RLE or PST. The high resolution up to 800 dpi guarantees the quality required at a later date for unrestricted use, as does the state-of-the-art technology. This includes the automatic lighting control system (LCS) for optimum display and reproduction quality, and IEB, an advanced electronic image enhancement technology with functions like cut, copy, paste, crop, add text, superimpose images, airbrush out blemishes, delete, flip and mirror. Plans, drawings and microfilm aperture cards will therefore hold their value in the long term.
Digital acquisition for seemingly impossible cases

Our services begin where your documents are stored, which might be on a shelving system. We pick up your documents, digitise and index them to your specifications and provide them in the required format at the correct interfaces for further processing in the existing document management system.

We use high-performance Microbox scanners to give you the best character recognition quality currently available on the market. Even faded drawings on tracing paper can be reproduced perfectly as digital documents thanks to the LCS transmitted light technology. We scan the title blocks on drawings and the Hollerith codes on microfilm aperture cards digitally, therefore even here indexing is still an option. If required, we can provide the title blocks in a separate file so that you can conduct specific and rapid searches. The drawing is automatically called up if located.

Free real-time test

We will gladly show you round our computer centre in Kirchheim and demonstrate the data input process for you, using example documents and target index values, and show you the potential end results with no obligation. We will then be pleased to give you an individual quotation.